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AboutAn insight into Wobblefin and how it came about.

Wobblefin started up in early 2009 by the animator Jonathan Symmonds. Doodles turned to pictures that turned to designs and once groomed in photoshop, were put onto T-Shirts. After a few designs had been created and some ideas were left brewing, Jonathan found a site called “Spreadshirt” that enabled him to put his designs onto shirts and sell them at no real investment. Wobblefin was the name of the site as most of the designs were involving characters from the sea, fish, prawns, sharks, crabs etc. The name Wobblefin was suggested and as creative as it could be was chosen to host all the designs that he would make.

Jonathan is a successful animator, having worked on 9 feature films so far including Avatar, Your Highness, Prince of Persia and many more. As time went on, he went freelance and spent some time doodling and designing more and more shirts in his spare time. He is originally from Zimbabwe and after moving over to the UK and putting himself through University and going on to animate in 9 successful films what he has achieved is more than most people could wish for. His string of talents goes on and on.

Launching Wobblefin was a long process of trial and error, some designs were obviously not as strong as others, undeterred he persisted to create his own website that basically runs itself with no start-up cost or investment. He wanted to prove to the creative community that anybody can do this and should not let their creative side dwindle or fade out. He used to say, “drawings and sketches, are peoples way of communicating to each other from a two-dimensional world. Cartoons break our suspensions of disbelief and once a character is designed and created it is our duty to present them to the world rather than escorting them to a cartoon graveyard!”

Wobblefin will grow and grow as the influence from the public and Jonathan’s own personal determination to leave something behind, will inevitably work together to acheive this.

On this website you can even use his designs to create your own shirts, and unlike other sites, you can just use his T-Shirt Designer to create your OWN PERSONAL items. From the team here at Wobblefin and the community it supports, we hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to leave a comment or two or even a design idea as you pass through!

Thanks – Wobblefin Team

Jonathan in Africa

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